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Mr. Horton

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  • What is the story behind wagon train?

  • It was the basis for a 1958 episode of Wagon Train and a 1970 movie starring Richard Harris. The story begins by introducing the protagonist, who has moved west from Boston in search of opportunity and status. He is captured by a band of raiding Crow while bathing in a stream.

  • What is a Man Called Horse?

  • A Man Called Horse is an episode of Wagon Train that veers from the show’s usual formula and tells a story in flashback that doesn’t involve any of the series principals. It’s based on a short story by Dorothy M. Johnson that was later turned into a feature film of the same title in 1970.

  • What is the most unusual episode of wagon train?

  • One of the most unusual episodes that the Wagon Train series ever filmed. The regulars are absent for the most part as Ralph Meeker, a white man in Crow Indian garb comes to the camp and tells his most fascinating story. Meeker was a man of humble background who worked as a clerk in a Boston law firm.

  • Who are the characters in the wagon train?

  • The wagon train encounters a Britisher who dresses like an Indian and goes by the name of Horse. Horse: Ralph Meeker. Bright Star: Joan Taylor. Adams: Ward Bond. Yellow Robe: Michael Pate. Little Hunter: Anthony Numkena. Flint: Robert Horton.

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