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With a professional and committed team,Training Visionensures consistency and quality,delivering world class services in a professional outstanding standard. As part of ETN International,Training Vision shares and contributes towards a clear vision about the powerful magic behind learning and training in an international environment.

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  • Why choose training Vision Institute?

  • Training Vision Institute (TVI) is a leading training and human capital consultancy firm in Singapore. Founded in 1991 on the core belief in maximising every person’s full potential, TVI offers high quality adult training and education to the industry and communities.

  • Why choose a vision personal trainer?

  • A Vision Personal Trainer will do just that through one-on-one personal training sessions designed to achieve your goals. One-on-one Training with a Vision Personal Trainer, offers you the benefit of a customised exercise road map. Our Personal Trainers take the time to get to know you and understand what drives you towards achieving your goals.

  • What is the Vision Academy?

  • The Vision Academy is a group of over 80 international ophthalmology experts, working together to identify and address clinical challenges by providing expert guidance for best clinical practice, especially in areas with insufficient conclusive evidence.

  • What is a vision statement for a training department?

  • Keep in mind that a vision statement simply describes why your department or organization exists. In fact, you may already have a general vision statement for your training department. But this doesn mean that you can create a vision statement for the upcoming year.

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