are dogs allowed on auto train

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No pets are permitted

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  • Are Dogs Allowed on the autotrains?

  • 3 Answers. According to their site, no pets are permitted on board the Auto Train, with the sole exception of service dogs that are clearly assisting a passenger with special needs.

  • Can I take my Dog on the train for free?

  • Each passenger can take two dogs or other small domestic animals for free Dogs must be kept on a lead for the duration of the journey (including the station) unless they檙e in a pet carrier Pet carriers can be a maximum of 85 x 60 x 60cm Dogs are not allowed on seats ?they檙e for passengers!

  • Can I take my Dog to Florida on the Auto Train?

  • Also, do not leave a pet in your car – the auto carriers are typically cold in the winter and boiling hot in the summer. The Auto Train is not inexpensive and goes from Washington DC to Florida and is cheaper than say getting the plane.

  • Can you take a small dog on Amtrak?

  • Amtrak welcomes small pets on many routes, which can be clarified HERE. Ultimatley the Amtrak Auto Train is a 855 mile, 17 hour long journey that is there for you, your family your car. If you haven taken this trip, it saves time, stress and fuel and has some nice scenery along the way, I highly recommend it.

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