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  • Are Elite Trainer boxes for Pokémon trading cards worth it?

  • While Elite Trainer Boxes for the Pokmon Trading Card Game come in a bit pricier than your average Pokmon product, the benefits of these boxes are top notch, especially if you haven owned one in the past. From premium damage counters ?dice ?to hard plastic status counters, investing in at least one Elite Trainer Box is a no brainer.

  • What is the difference between the different elite boxes?

  • The first three boxes are the Elite Starter, the Elite Performance, and the Elite Focus box. The fourth is the Pro-Elite Performance box which has more advanced supplements that require a membership with their personal trainer program.

  • How much does the Elite Trainer box cost in Canada?

  • When doing the rough math, you檇 spend roughly $48 on 8 packs without all the extras that come in an Elite Trainer Box, which you could 榰pgrade?to for $12 more. So what does your extra $12 in Canada get you?

  • How many Pokemon cards can be stored in a trainer box?

  • Elite Trainer Boxes double as a storage container once you檝e taken all the included components out, and can hold hundreds of Pokmon cards. Dividers are also included in case you want to sort your Pokemon by type!

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