are goldendoodles easy to potty train

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  • How to potty train a goldendoodle puppy?

  • While being prepared for the problems is the first step, introducing your pet to their new environment is the first physical step in potty training him or her. Your Goldendoodle puppy is just learning his or her new family, new home, and role. At this stage, it is important to clearly establish your expectations and keep consistent with them.

  • Are goldendoodles easy to train?

  • In general, training young puppies requires positive reinforcement for good behavior, consistency, and patience which is all true when training Goldendoodle family members. Despite the difficulties, this is still something that you will be able to accomplish with your pet in time.

  • How long to train a goldendoodle puppy to go outside?

  • Post-meals, it is best to take your Goldendoodle outside within 10-20 minutes. You may be able to make it 30 minutes, or even an hour once he or she is older. In the early days, it is better safe than sorry as they may need to go almost immediately after eating. Keep your puppy where you can see him or her at all times while potty training.

  • What do you need for a goldendoodle puppy?

  • Your Goldendoodle puppy will need a variety of toys to snuggle with, chase around, and chew on. Make sure to replace the toys regularly so that your puppy does not get bored. The toys to chew on are particularly important so your puppy will stay away from your sofa cushions, table legs, and shoes.

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