are poodles hard to potty train

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More difficult

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  • Do Poodles need to be trained?

  • There are three different sizes of poodle ?standard, miniature, and toy ?but they are all very similar in temperament and disposition. As with any dog, poodles do need to be trained. So, are poodles easy to train? Yes!

  • Is it OK to crate train a poodle?

  • So, no matter the age of your poodle, make sure to train your poodle in all four of these areas. Crate training is very helpful for housetraining, but some dog owners do not crate train because they feel like confining their dog in a crate is cruel.

  • How to train a poodle to wear a leash or harness?

  • Before attaching any leash or harness onto your poodle, let them smell it to get used to what it is. Don allow the dog to play with them, though, because they are not toys.

  • How to train a poodle to sit in the right place?

  • The Lure to Obedience Method uses treats to guide your poodle to the position they need to be in for the command. Hold the treat in your hand while guiding them to the position and give them the treat when the command is done successfully.

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