are the trains running in france

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  • What types of SNCF trains are available in France?

  • As the main train company operating in France, step on a train here and it檒l most likely by an SNCF service, especially for domestic routes. The main types of SNCF train are high-speed TGV, Inercits and slower regional TER services, you can find out more about these further down the page. Find out more about SNCF trains.

  • Is it possible to travel by train in France?

  • France is the largest country in western Europe so train travel makes sense. Happily, France has a fast and efficient train system and the French government has invested massively in high-speed trains (the TGV train or Train a Grande Vitesse), and on high-speed lines (LGV or Ligne a Grande Vitesse).

  • Should I travel to Paris during a train strike?

  • Paris is always a good idea, but it is even a better idea if there are no train strikes around. If there a transportation strike, France can wait. Be flexible with your travel dates. If you were thinking about visiting Paris (or France) but have not booked yet, avoid traveling to Paris during French train strike dates.

  • What is the fastest train in France?

  • The main high-speed train in France is the TGV. France version of the bullet train can travel at speeds of up to 320 km/h (198 mph). What are OUIGO trains? Ouigo is the budget high-speed train service that part of the SNCF brand.

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