are the trains still running

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  • How do I travel when trains are not running?

  • You can use Journey Planner and the AT Mobile app to find other ways to travel when trains are not running. Rail replacement buses show up in the AT mobile app as bus services (not trains) and use the following names: You can use all valid train tickets and passes to travel on rail replacement buses.

  • How often does the train running status update?

  • Train running status updates every minute. So, we recommend that our users check the status updates from time to time. The train running status information becomes more and more accurate, as the train is about to reach the estimated time of travel. This information helps you save time and plan better!

  • Are trains running on core services from Monday?

  • From Monday, trains will only run on core services, equivalent to about half the passenger trains on a normal weekday. What train services in the UK are affected?

  • What happens if the train is running late?

  • This will mean trains run slower than normal and will be delayed arriving at their destination. You can continue to travel as you usually would, however you should check the journey planner before making your way to the station for the latest updates.

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