are there any trains in iceland

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  • Will there ever be a railway in Iceland?

  • The most popular route for a railway in Iceland these days, is between Keflavk International Airport and Reykjavk. In 2003, however, this proposal was terminated and instead road 41 was built, a four-lane road between the airport and the city, which opened in 2008. In 2014, possibilities for the route were studied again.

  • How to get around in Iceland?

  • The most popular way to get around in Iceland is by car, there are no trains in Iceland so the other options are the buses, flights, taxi or private drivers. The main road in Iceland is called Hringvegurinn or the Ring Road and lies along the coast around the island, except for the Westfjords.

  • What are the public buses in Iceland?

  • The public buses in Iceland are called Strt and you will recognize them by the yellow color. If you are staying in Reykjavk you can buy a 1-3 day city pass. Strt also travels to the main places around the country and you can check out their schedule HERE.

  • How much does it cost to build a train in Iceland?

  • The project is estimated to cost around 100 billion Icelandic krnas. Famously Iceland has only ever had one train in its history攁 green steamer the sits on three meters of tracks by the harbour.

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