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  • What should you never do on a train?

  • Never drink the water in the washroom ?or use it to clean your toothbrush ?even if you see other passengers doing this. Plan ahead and bring a bottle of water (or buy one on the train). Shortly after departure your car attendant will come to visit.

  • Is it safe to travel by train these days?

  • Still very unlikely. But, as I mentioned before, the overwhelming evidence that flying is safe should not take away from your confidence in train travel. Ultimately, it is also very rare to die in a train crash, especially for passengers.

  • What should I do if my train is canceled in France?

  • If you have booked your train during French train strike dates, please don panic! First of all, check on the SNCF website the France train strike schedule, if your train is canceled or not. To do this, click on 淭rain Number,?enter your train number (you can find this information on your train ticket), and then add your travel date.

  • Should you expect consistency from train to train?

  • So while you might expect consistency from train to train, you will not get it. The CRH system is independent from the normal trains. This is the new high-speed rail system being built in China. The railroad right-of-way is elevated whereas the regular trains are at ground level. The facilities for the CRH are first-rate ?similar modern airports.

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