can i run a marathon without training

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You are attempting to run a marathon without training. 26 miles.Yes?it definitely can be done. If you mentally prepare and anticipate the race,you can certainly make it to the finish line. But don underestimate the extent of what you are attempting to undertake.

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  • Can anyone run a marathon?

  • The fact is, anyone can run a marathon, literally anyone, if they follow a proper training program and even more, most people can probably predict their finish time within 10 minutes if they train diligently.

  • How long does it take to run a marathon without training?

  • 105.5 laps, around and around in circles for just under four hours. If the pain in your legs, hips and feet don get you, the mind-numbing boredom or running in circles just may. And that how I did it, and here are the details?I had been debating running a marathon, without training, for about two weeks.

  • Do you need more convincing to train for a marathon?

  • But if you檙e stubborn in the uniquely steadfast way many of us runners are (it comes in handy at mile 24), then you檙e going to need more convincing. Besides, there a big difference between not training as much as you檇 like to and not training at all.

  • Can you run a half marathon without running a step?

  • The half marathon is not like a 5K or 10K. It is a 13.1 mile or 21.1 kilometer long event. So, normally you would need to have some light workouts put in to finish the race. Can you start and finish a half marathon without running a step? You can. Again, it all depends on what your goals are.

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