can i take my car on a train to florida

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You can ship a car by train in limited circumstances. The only option to ship a car by train is with Amtrak on a single route that runs from the Washington,DC area to Sanford,Florida (or the reverse). Although rail cars ship automobiles,almost all American railroad franchises cater exclusively to commercial entities (e.g.,car dealerships).

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  • Can you use Amtrak Auto Train from Virginia to Florida?

  • Amtrak Auto Train Takes You and Your Car to Florida. For auto travel between Virginia and Florida, there is an alternative to driving 850 miles along busy I-95. Amtrak offers direct train service for travelers and their vehicles on the Amtrak Auto Train, Amtrak’s only route that transports vehicles.

  • Why do people take the Amtrak Auto Train to Florida?

  • The main reason travelers take the Amtrak auto train to Florida is because they prefer not to drive. We go back and forth from New York to Miami every once in a while and the driving can be exhausting.

  • Can you take a car on the Auto Train?

  • But this is also a gamble.) Auto Train starts accepting cars into the station to be boarded. The absolute cutoff time a car can be on the Auto Train. They won take any cars after this time. This is also the time they allow passengers onboard the train.

  • What is the Auto Train from DC to Florida?

  • The Auto Train transports you and your car (or van, motorcycle, SUV, small boat, jet-ski or other recreational vehicle) nonstop from the Washington, DC area to sunny Florida, just outside of Orlando. This is the best way to drive I-95 without even driving.

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