can i train my skin to tan

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  • What is the best way to tan your skin?

  • If tanning in the sun, apply it over you SPF cream. If tanning on a sunbed, apply before going on. We recommend Carrot Sun’s Papaya or Coconut tan or Watermelon accelerators as the best aids we檝e come across for building that base tan surprisingly quickly. 5.

  • Can you get a tan in a tanning bed or salon?

  • If you can spend time in the sun, consider getting a spray tan in a salon. Alternatively, use a tanning bed, which uses ultraviolet radiation to darken your skin. However, avoid using tanning beds regularly, since excessive UV radiation can be dangerous for your skin.

  • How long should I Tan for the first time?

  • In your following tanning sessions only increase your time by 5-10 minute increments, and monitor your skin regularly to make sure you aren starting to go red and burn. If tanning on a sunbed, start with 2-3 minutes.

  • Why do I need to rest my skin after tanning?

  • Your cells have already been stimulated to start the tanning process, and by giving your skin a rest after exposure (i.e. sitting indoors or in the shade after tanning in the sun) it will benefit tremendously in getting you the tan you檙e after.

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