can i wear a waist trainer all day

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  • How many hours a day should you wear a waist trainer?

  • Hourglass Angels recommend wearing their regular waist trainers for 8 to 12 hours per day. If you wear their Workout Waist Trimmer to the gym, they recommend counting that time towards your total number of wearable hours.

  • Should you wear a waist trainer to a wedding?

  • So, for example, if you have a wedding coming up and plan on wearing a waist trainer as an undergarment for most of the day, plan ahead. A week or two before the wedding start wearing your waist trainer for a few hours a day so that you鈥檒l be comfortable wearing it all day when the day of the event arrives.

  • Does waist training really work?

  • For optimal results, waist training works best as a part of a healthy lifestyle. It works in several ways. First, it slims your waistline by as much as 2-3 inches as soon as you put it on.

  • Does wearing a waist trainer make you itch?

  • Many people want to know why wearing a waist trainer can result in itching and if they should continue wearing their waist trainer when they itch. First and foremost, rest assured that around 25% experience itching when waist training, and it鈥檚 not a problem that鈥檚 specific to a particular brand – it can happen with any waist trainer.

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