can i wear a waist trainer while pregnant

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  • Is it safe to do waist training during pregnancy?

  • We’re going to reiterate what we said in the earlier parts of this article, because it’s just that important: do not, under any circumstances, wear any waist training which contains boning during pregnancy.

  • Can I wear my waist trainer while at work?

  • If you spend 8 hours a day sitting at a desk, it best to wear your compression or full back waist trainer during work hours to protect your posture and safeguard you against aches and pains that come from slouching, leaning, and generally holding yourself incorrectly. Let your waist trainer work for you while you檙e at work!

  • What shapewear should I wear when I’m Pregnant?

  • Once you confirm that you’re pregnant, we recommend switching out your favorite waist trainers for maternity shapewear. You’ll want to give your belly room to expand, but you can still wear garments that will support your abdomen and back and help you look smooth and fabulous.

  • Does waist training cause difficulties with conceiving?

  • Whether you want to get pregnant in the near future or later, there is no evidence that waist training causes any difficulty with conceiving. Have you ever heard it promoted as an effective method of birth control?

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