can my dog travel on the train

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  • Can I take my Dog on the train?

  • Larger pets can travel on trains if you purchase a special pet fare ticket which is available at SNCF and SBB counters. Large pets must travel on a leash and be wearing a muzzle. Guide dogs travel free of charge and do not require a ticket, the are not required to wear a muzzle.

  • Can I bring my pet on a train in France?

  • You can: bring your pet aboard any kind of train except Eurostar exchange your pet ticket or get a refund 1 bring up to 2 pets or 2 containers per passenger The following animals are authorized to travel aboard SNCF trains: small domestic animals 2 travelling in a closed bag or basket; muzzled dogs 3; and guide dogs for the blind 4.

  • How much weight can a dog travel on a train?

  • On most trains, the maximum weight of pets is 10kg, and they must be in a carrier with maximum dimensions of 60 x 35 x 35 cm. The only exception is on Cercanas (Commuter) and Feve services, where small pets can travel with just a leash and muzzle.

  • Does Amtrak ship pets?

  • Amtrak does not ship pets or allow them to travel as checked baggage ?a pet must travel with a human. Read more here. Not all Amtrak trains allow pets, and some trains don accept pets on all services. For example, if travelling between New York and Washington, the Northeast Regional trains accept pets on all services.

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