can u wash a waist trainer

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  • How to clean a waist trainer?

  • Prepare a soft cloth, body soap or mild shampoo and a bowl of warm water for cleaning. Wash the towel with soap or shampoo and water, then rub it on your waist trainer till then you will able to remove residue and odor. After washing it properly, hang it up and let it become dry (don wring).

  • Can I wear my waist trainer twice a day?

  • It is important to note that, you should not wear your waist trainer twice a day without washing it. Your shapewear should be cleaned daily for best results. Make sure to wash it softly so that latex will not get damaged of your shapewear.

  • Do waist trainers help you lose weight?

  • Plus, any weight loss that does occur when wearing a waist trainer is likely due to the fact that your stomach is being crushed攁nd sacrificing your health for weight loss is simply a bad idea that will soon backfire. (In contrast, losing weight through making healthy changes will have many positive side effects.)

  • Is waist training bad for You?

  • While wearing a shaping garment every now and then probably won do any harm, long-term waist training is simply an ineffective way to slim down. It will do nothing to change your body proportions, and it can lead to many health problems. Here are just a few reasons why you should avoid waist training:

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