can you lay under a moving train

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  • Would a train pass right over you if you laid down?

  • If You Laid Down Between the Tracks, Would a Train Pass Right Over You? Don’t try this at home. Are trains designed such that if a person were about to get run over, he could lie flat between the tracks and avoid death as the train passed over him?

  • Is it legal to walk on a railway line?

  • No. It is both illegal and extremely dangerous to walk, drive, cycle or snowmobile on or alongside the railway line. Trains move quickly and quietly and cannot swerve or stop suddenly to avoid an accident. At 10,000 tonnes or more, it can take a freight train 1 mile/1.5 kilometres, or longer, to stop.

  • Can a freight train suck you under?

  • A freight train won’t suck you under. You may get disoriented and venture too close, however. Then you could be caught on an appliance and dragged under, or you might get injured or killed by the impact of an appliance or lading.

  • Can you survive being run over by a train?

  • Most people don’t survive being run over by a train, but Duncan did. In June 2006, Duncan was working at his job in the rail yards of Cleburne, Texas, when he slipped and fell onto the tracks while riding on the front of a train car that was moving toward a repair dock. I just fell, the 38-year-old said.

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