can you lay under a moving train

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  • Would a train pass right over you if you laid down?

  • If You Laid Down Between the Tracks, Would a Train Pass Right Over You? Don’t try this at home. Are trains designed such that if a person were about to get run over, he could lie flat between the tracks and avoid death as the train passed over him?

  • Can a freight train suck you under?

  • A freight train won’t suck you under. You may get disoriented and venture too close, however. Then you could be caught on an appliance and dragged under, or you might get injured or killed by the impact of an appliance or lading.

  • Is it possible to get sucked under the wind when Amtrak stops?

  • I’ve been between my stopped freight train and a 70 mph amtrak. If anything the wind from the front of the amtrak blew me further away from it, rather then being sucked under.

  • Is it ever OK to lie flat between the tracks?

  • Which is to say: only in the movies. While you could get away with the lie-flat-between-the-tracks gambit (and people have), it’s far from a sure thing.

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