can you lose weight with hiit training

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  • Can HIIT help you lose weight?

  • Weight And Fat Loss HIIT training is fantastic for anyone who wants to reduce weight and the amount of fat in their body. In 2012, a controlled study found that people who did 20 minutes HIIT exercises for 12 weeks reduced their weight by 1.5 kgs. They also lost 2 kgs of total fat mass during this time (9).

  • Does HIIT workout make you gain muscle?

  • All types of workouts, HIIT included, will make you gain muscle. If you are doing HIIT workouts with weights, then you will gain more muscle than someone who does not incorporate them into their routine. Unlike fat, muscle is not easily seen, especially at the beginning of your weight loss journey.

  • How long should you rest between HIIT workouts to lose weight?

  • For 渇itter?people, this could be as little as 30 seconds. However, for most, this is usually around 1-2 minutes. As your progress, you will/should see those rest times decrease. Before we continue, I want to point out that HIIT is NOT going to bring you fat loss success on its own.

  • What is the difference between HIIT and weight training?

  • HIIT and weight training are the same and totally different at the same time. HIIT is designed to help you get fit and burn calories fast. Weight training can be used to lose weight, gain muscle, be stronger, be faster. If your goal is to lose weight then HIIT can help you get there faster, then weight training alone.

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