can you potty train a cow

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  • Can you train a cow to poop in the right place?

  • sciencehabit writes Think potty training a child is hard? Try teaching a cow when and where to do its business. The bovines can defecate nine to 16 times daily, creating big hygiene problems on dairy and beef farms. So cueing the animals to go in the right place would be a big help for managing manure.

  • Can cows be potty-trained?

  • Matthews and colleagues set out to potty train 16 calves, which had the free time to learn a new skill. 淭hey檙e not so involved with milking and other systems,?he says. 淭hey檙e basically just hanging out, eating a bit of food, socializing and resting.?Matthews was optimistic about the cows?potty-training prospects.

  • Should cattle be potty trained to clean the air?

  • 淎mmonia from cattle is a major contributor to reduced human health ,?he says ( SN: 1/16/09 ). So potty training cattle could help create cleaner air ?as well as a cleaner, more comfortable living space for cows themselves. Questions or comments on this article?

  • Can potty-trained cows help reduce pollution?

  • Potty-trained cattle could help reduce pollution When nature calls, these cows use bathroom stalls This cow is a whiz at potty training. Researchers trained this and other calves to use a bathroom stall (pictured) when they need to pee.

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