can you sleep train at night but not naps

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If you檙e nursing your baby to sleep for naps but not at night,that can be confusing for your little one,and it can cause setbacks.Do nap training first:Other families prefer to deal with naps first,and leave night training for later.

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  • Is sleep training for naps the same as sleep training at night?

  • Sleep training for naps can be a completely different process than sleep training at night for many children. However, it can be done with the exact same methodology, patience, and process ?provided it adjusted for naps and nap transitions.

  • Should I Sleep Train my Child for naps?

  • Getting night sleep figured out before nap training will help rid your child of over tiredness which is a huge factor in bad napping. Sleep training for naps makes over tiredness and often short naps worse, so you can use all the great night sleep you can get (and early bedtimes too!).

  • Is cry it out sleep training right for You?

  • The answer is often yes ?and that especially applies to those of you who may be using a cry it out sleep training approach. Keep reading for details! First off, it important to understand how sleep training varies from day to night, and how the results you see at nighttime may not match the results you get at nap time.

  • Do you have an easier time with naps or night sleep?

  • I have had an easier time with night sleep than naps with both my girls. This is great advice! The naps will come easier if you first get them in s good nightime rotine.

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