can you take dogs on trains sydney

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Dogs on trains,buses and trams in Melbourne and Sydney. Transport New South Wales states that pets (aside from assistance dogs or police/security dogs) arenot permittedon train or platforms,but can be permitted on a bus or light rail at the discretion of the staff if the pet is contained in a box or crate.

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  • Are pets allowed on Sydney Trains?

  • Animals are not allowed on Sydney Trains, with the exception of assistance animals, according to a Transport for NSW spokesman. Assistance animals can travel in point-to-point transport vehicles – including taxis, hire cars and rideshare ?however the decision whether to carry other pets rests with individual operators, he said.

  • Are Dogs Allowed on public transport in Victoria?

  • In Victoria, any Assistance Animal (guide dog, hearing dogs or those in training) are able to travel on all public transport ?with accreditation. Small animals are permitted on trains, trams, buses and V/Line trains if kept in an animal container. Dogs are able to travel on trains as long as they have been fitted with a lead and muzzle.

  • Can I take my Dog on a train?

  • Technically speaking, Train Operating Companies do reserve the right to refuse entry to any animal, except for guide dogs, who are allowed on all modes of transport by law. However, as long as your pooch is well-behaved, you won have any problems!

  • Can I travel with an animal on a V/Line train?

  • When travelling with an animal on V/Line trains: Animals are not allowed on V/Line coaches, including rail replacement buses, unless they檙e a guide dog, hearing dog, guide or hearing dog in training, have an Assistance Animal Pass or interstate assistance animal accreditation. For more information, visit the V/Line website.

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