can you train your brain to ignore tinnitus

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  • How can I Stop my tinnitus from getting worse?

  • A vacation, more work or even shopping can definitely help your brain ignore the tinnitus. Spending time with your children or pets can be very effective in shifting the focus from your symptoms.

  • Why can I tune out the sounds of tinnitus?

  • There is nothing 渂roken?about your ears, brain, or nervous system that would ultimately prevent you from tuning out the sounds of tinnitus. We all have sensory filtering mechanisms in our brain that work automatically, all the time, to filter meaningless sensory information out of our awareness.

  • Can new technology help tinnitus?

  • New technology is now taking a radically different approach by retraining the brain to ignore these types of sounds, alleviating the condition altogether. The Levo System, technology approved by the Food and Drug Administration, mimics the specific sounds of a patient’s individual tinnitus.

  • What is brain training for tinnitus?

  • As part of that process we introduce a range of different types of sounds including; partial masking, relaxing, attention refocus and finally adaptation. In this Brain Training section we introduce you to a specialist treatment we have developed and tested through the Hearing Tinnitus Clinic and the research team at the University of Auckland.

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