do army chaplains go through basic training

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Do not

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  • How long does it take to become an army chaplain?

  • Chaplains do not go through Basic Training. Instead, they attend the Chaplain Officer Basic Course (CHOBC), which is a 12-week course taught at Fort Jackson, S.C. It will provide you with an introduction to the non-combatant common core skills, Army writing and Chaplaincy-specific training.

  • What does a chaplain do in the Army?

  • Army Chaplains are the spiritual leaders of the Army and they perform religious ceremonies from births and baptisms, to confirmations and marriage, to illness and last rites. As a Chaplain Officer, you will lead a Unit Ministry Team (UMT), which consists of you and a trained Chaplain Assistant.

  • Can chaplain candidates go to military educational school?

  • In some instances, Chaplain Candidates can choose to go to military educational school in lieu of or in addition to Annual Training. 5. What is an Ecclesiastical (Denominational) Endorser?

  • What are the different types of chaplaincy training programs?

  • Chaplaincy training programs can be found at a colleges and universities; many of these programs are master’s degree programs designed to train you to work in businesses, crisis centers, hospices and schools. Courses may include counseling theory, theology and officiating religious ceremonies.

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