do brain training apps work

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At present there islittle strong evidencethat brain-training apps are effective. While some studies have reported improvements in the skill being used in the app,what are often small and fleeting advances end up being promoted commercially as lasting improvements, adds Brennan.

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  • What are the best apps for Brain Training?

  • Brain Training Apps that Really Work 1 Elevate. Still one of our favorites, Elevate incorporates a huge range of games underpinned by… 2 Peak. Instead of academic areas, Peak focuses on specific cognitive skills such as memory,… 3 Lumosity. Lumosity has backed away from its claim that playing Lumosity sharpens mental acuity in…

  • Do brain training games really work?

  • Although, there have been a number of small-scale studies that have found mixed results. One study reported that a brain training game had a beneficial effect on cognitive processes, such as executive functions, working memory and processing speed, in healthy young adults.

  • How much do people spend on brain training apps?

  • In 2018, consumers spent an estimated $1.9 billion (1.5bn) on brain training apps such as Lumosity, Peak and Elevate ?a fourfold increase from $475 million (383m) globally in 2012, according to SharpBrains, an independent market research firm tracking brain health technology.

  • Can you train your brain to perform better on tests?

  • It’s possible, for example, that people receiving brain training improve on an assessment test just because they’ve already taken it ?before and then again after training. Since the control group also takes the test twice, cognitive improvements based on practice effects can be ruled out.

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