do kids need training wheels

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  • Do Kids benefit from training wheels?

  • But most parents quickly learn that children don benefit much, long term, from the use of training wheels. The idea of training wheels is to teach balance with a 渟afety?system to catch the child when their balance is off. In reality, most kids simply rely on the training wheels and never practice balance at all.

  • What are training wheels and how do they work?

  • Training wheels are essentially a way to teach pedaling first, and then adding the balance and steering elements by removing the training wheels. A popular alternative is to start young riders on a balance bike, a bike with no pedals (like our own Alpha Zero).

  • How to teach a child to ride a bike without training wheels?

  • Position the wheels where you think they should be, and then re-tighten the nuts. Watch your kiddo ride the bike. If they are still having difficulty, lower the training wheels to give them more support. If they are rocking and rolling, continue to raise the training wheels over time to teach them to ride without them.

  • Do you judge parents who have their kids on training wheels?

  • Parents often ask me questions about training wheels in hushed voices. I檓 a big proponent of skipping training wheels in favor of transitioning directly from a balance bike to a pedal bike (more on that later), but I certainly don judge parents who have their kids on training wheels.

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