do you get paid for training at a job

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  • Do I have to pay for training related to my job?

  • Whether certain training is related to your job depends on what your current position requires. For example, if your employer changed its system for tracking and scheduling employee time, and it requires all employees to attend a two-hour training on using the new system, employees are entitled to be paid for those two hours.

  • Do we have to pay employees for evening training courses?

  • We recently received an Ask the Expert question from a subscriber asking 淒o we have to pay an employee for an evening training course that we asked her to take??The time that employees spend in meetings, lectures, or training is considered hours worked and must be paid, unless: The employee does not perform any productive work during attendance.

  • When does an employee have to take a training course?

  • An employee is required to take a training course by his/her employer. The purpose of the training course is to help the employee be more effective in his/her job duties, so it is directly related to the job, the employee is performing productive work during this time and the training course is taught during work hours.

  • Should you pay employees who request time off work for training?

  • If an employee requests time off work for training ?that beneficial for their job but not required ?and you choose not to pay them, although you檇 be within your rights, consider the impact.

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