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  • Do you train legs or calves?

  • Those guys who do train legs just do quads and hamstrings and call it a day. If they do think about calves they will ‘get around to it’ another day. Although it is true that calf development is genetic for the most part, they certainly won’t grow if they are not a priority.

  • Should you train your calves on shoulder day?

  • Much like the rear delts on shoulder day, calves are often saved for the last part of a killer leg workout. At this point, you’re tired and barely able to muster up the energy for a couple of half-assed sets. If you really want to make your calves stand out, train them the way you train your back or chest: fresh and to complete exhaustion.

  • Do you really need to work your calves?

  • Working your calf muscles is typically considered part of a complete lower-body workout. You need to work your calves, because you can’t ignore such a large and important muscle group. But the best way to train these muscles may be different from what you think.

  • How to get bigger calves?

  • If you want the calves to get big, you are going to have to make them a priority for a while. This means you will need to train them first in your workout and hit them twice a week. I will let you choose which day you want to train them. Just make sure you train them twice and this workout is the first thing you do on those two days.

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