do you need to watch train to busan before peninsula

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It safe to say that youdonneed to have seen Train to Busan in order to enjoy Peninsula. It also safe to say that if you enter the movie with an open mind,you檒l probably really enjoy it for what it is,regardless of what it is not.

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  • Is train to Busan presents Peninsula worth the buy?

  • Though infinitely sillier and far too overproduced, Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula is an easy ticket to buy for those who liked the original genre-changer.

  • Is Kim Do-Yoon’s Cheol-min in train to Busan Peninsula?

  • Cheol-min (Kim Do-yoon) is captured in Train To Busan: Peninsula. (PHOTO: Golden Village Pictures) It’s hard to live up to the standards of a hit like Train To Busan, and its sequel, Train To Busan: Peninsula, hits far off the mark. For a franchise that is literally all about the zombies, this film doesn’t give us enough of them.

  • Is 榯rain to Busan?a big disappointment?

  • But as a film that carries the mantle of being Train To Busan ‘s sequel, it’s a huge disappointment. Marcus Goh is a television scriptwriter who writes for rimewatch? as well as popular shows like 淟ion Mums? ode of Law? 淚ncredible Tales? and 淧olice Thief?

  • Was train to Busan a shot in the arm for zombies?

  • To say that Train To Busan was a shot in the arm in the oversaturated zombie movie market would be underselling just how much of a pleasant surprise it turned out to be.

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