does amtrak trains have bathrooms

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  • Do Amtrak cars have bathrooms?

  • Amtrak bedrooms have a small bathroom that contains a toilet and shower. Passengers with roomettes, family rooms, or accessible accommodations have access to the public shower with an attached dressing room located in each sleeper car. The dressing room has a place for your soiled towels and washcloths.

  • Is there a toilet in the Amtrak standard bedroom?

  • I’ve traveled over 120,000 miles by Amtrak and almost all of that has been in the Standard Bedroom. Not having a toilet or shower in my own room has not subtracted from the enjoyment of that rail travel at all. Every Bedroom in the Amtrak Viewliner Sleeping Car has its own toilet and sink.

  • Do Amtrak Superliner coaches have bathrooms?

  • On the two-level Superliner coaches, the bathrooms are on the lower level, there are few of them, one is wheelchair accessible and one is as large as the width of the car, also called a dressing room. AmTrak Viewliner Sleeper one level car is equipped with a toilet in the roomette and as the Superliner, each bedroom has their own bathroom.

  • How do you take a shower on Amtrak trains?

  • On Viewliners (Single-level cars), you檒l find the shower at the end of the roomette corridor on the left. Bedrooms have their showers in the suite; both the toilet and shower are in the same small room. Amtrak shower controls, the top button starts the water flowing, and the bottom controls temperature.

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