does petsmart have dog training

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  • How much does dog training cost at PetSmart?

  • Every Petsmart Dog Training Class costs $119 for 6-weeks. Each group class continues for 6 weeks and an hour per day. The prices are relatively cheap for group classes, which range from $15- $30 per hour. But the private class, this is where it gets a bit expensive. It ranges from $70 ?$90 per hour.

  • Do PetSmart group obedience classes work?

  • If your dog doesn have any major behavior issues, then PetSmart group obedience classes are a great and affordable way to build your skills. However, obedience training classes will not resolve behavior issues.

  • What is the best age to start puppy training at PetSmart?

  • Puppy Training Petsmart (10 weeks to 5 months old). This is a starting point. Here you檒l learn how to communicate with your furry ball, primary techniques, and skills like Loose-Leash Walking Come when called. Plus, this class will also improve your dog socialization.

  • Should you take your dog to the PetSmart store?

  • This actually could be considered a benefit if you檙e working on training in more distracting environments. However, if your dog is easily spooked or thrown off by noises (other dogs barking, workers moving products around) and smells, the PetSmart store might prove too challenging of an environment.

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