does petsmart have training classes

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PetSmart Dog Training offers a variety of training classes, including options for one-on-one or group lessons. Training classes range from puppy and beginner training, including leash training and socialization, to advanced classes including therapy dog training.

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  • Should you take your dog to PetSmart training classes?

  • The only reason to avoid PetSmart classes will be if you have a dog with behavior issues (for that, hire a behaviorist instead), a dog with aggression, or any other issues that might make it difficult for your dog to train in a PetSmart store around other dogs. Have you taken a PetSmart training class? How did it go?

  • How long does it take to become a PetSmart certified trainer?

  • PetSmart trainers take a 3 week certification class to learn the basics of each training level and that it I have had years of background foundation training wish you had been in my class I would have moved you to a private class first then maybe a small group Thanks for sharing your experiences, Shan!

  • Do PetSmart group obedience classes work?

  • If your dog doesn have any major behavior issues, then PetSmart group obedience classes are a great and affordable way to build your skills. However, obedience training classes will not resolve behavior issues.

  • Should you take your dog to the PetSmart store?

  • This actually could be considered a benefit if you檙e working on training in more distracting environments. However, if your dog is easily spooked or thrown off by noises (other dogs barking, workers moving products around) and smells, the PetSmart store might prove too challenging of an environment.

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