does strength training burn calories

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  • Does strength training burn more calories than cardio?

  • Although strength training is challenging and requires a lot of hard work (especially when lifting heavy weights), it doesn’t typically burn as many calories as cardiovascular (aerobic) exercises like running or cycling.

  • How many calories do you burn lifting weights?

  • Lifting weights just 5 to 10 percent heavier than the ones you currently use may help you burn 500 to 600 more calories per strength training session.

  • How many calories are burned during a 30-minute workout?

  • According to this exercise list from Harvard Medical School, a general 30-minute strength training session burns an average of 90 calories (180 calories per hour) for a 125-pound person, 112 calories (224 calories per hour) for a 155-pound person and 133 calories (266 calories per hour) for a 185-pound person.

  • How long does it take to burn calories after weight training?

  • A typical weight training session lasts between 45 and 75 minutes, but after this style of training, the body needs to repair the muscles that were used and replenish their energy too. This means that post-exercise the body continues to burn calories in the hours to days after the training session.

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