does strongman training build muscle

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  • Is strongman training better than bodybuilding?

  • Yes, strongman training is probably one of the best ways to build solid muscle and strength. Though unlike bodybuilding, the focus isn solely to build muscle for aesthetics, it to build strength and power. Competitive strongmen don focus on how they look or isolation exercises unless this will assist with their main lifts.

  • How do strongmen build muscle?

  • While old school strongmen worked with traditional exercises like deadlifts, squats, and bench presses, they were able to find interesting ways to build muscle. While most were genetically gifted, like strongmen of today, they worked hard to see muscle growth and explosive power work to their benefit.

  • How do strongmen train for competitions?

  • For a typical strongman though, they檒l usually be training for specific events leading up to a competition. So for example, if a strongman knows there檒l be a log press for max they檒l train for that by hitting shoulders with plenty of log press training at high reps.

  • Why do strongmen lift weights?

  • Because of the nature of this style of lifting and add the fact that strongmen train for endurance as well as power, it can be argued that this style of training is a more functional way to grow and develop muscle.

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