how do i break up with my personal trainer

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  • How do you know it time to break up with your trainer?

  • Your relationship with your personal trainer can break down over time, just like any other type of relationship. Here are some possible signs that it might be time to part ways: You檙e not seeing results. Your muscles get used to doing the same exercises all the time, so changing your program every few weeks is essential.

  • What should I do if my personal trainer stops working out?

  • If your workout leaves you injured, perpetually sore or overly exhausted, ask your trainer to modify the routine. If he or she won or insists that your comfort isn important, find a new trainer who will respect your limits but still challenge you in a safe way.

  • How do I tell my personal trainer I want to leave?

  • Tell your trainer why you’re leaving. Don leave them guessing. If your trainer is a professional, he or she will take your recommendations seriously and use your comments to improve things with future clients. Accentuate the positive. Tell your trainer the good things you learned and how his or her program helped you.

  • Is it time to end your relationship with your trainer?

  • But even if you’ve been with your trainer for a long time and feel loyal to him, you may eventually reach a time when you want to end the relationship with your fitness professional. How many times have you had to find a new hair stylist because your usual one just wasn meeting your expectations any longer? The same problem can happen at the gym.

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