how do you clean your waist trainer

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How to Clean Your Waist Trainer Efficiently There is a fast and easy process which will really work:Prepare a soft cloth,body soap or mild shampoo and a bowl of warm waterfor cleaning. Wash the towel with soap or shampoo and water,then rub it on your waist trainer till then you will able to remove residue and odor.

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  • How often should I wash my waist trainer?

  • Wash Regularly. It is important to note that, you should not wear your waist trainer twice a day without washing it. Your shapewear should be cleaned daily for best results. Make sure to wash it softly so that latex will not get damaged of your shapewear.

  • Can you use a sponge to clean a waist trainer?

  • Never Use a Sponge to Clean It has been suggested that you should not use any hard material or sponge on your waist trainer. Use something soft to clean it which will also not destroy its latex which will be helpful for maintaining its durability and quality. There is a fast and easy process which will really work:

  • Do waist trainers shrink in the washing machine?

  • As you know, most of the part of waist trainer is made of 100% natural latex. Unlike cotton clothes, materials such as polyester, spandex, and latex will literally melt or shrink in a washing machine and dryer.

  • Why does my waist trainer smell bad?

  • By wearing your waist trainer, a lot of toxins you will sweat out which means that if you do not clean or wash them, then it will start smelling. People usually don know how to clean waist trainer. For practical use of your waist trainer for a longer time, you need to take care of it properly.

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