how early can you potty train

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In some parts of the world,parents start training their children how to use a potty as early as8 monthswhile others start not earlier than 18 months. The appropriate time to start potty training is when you feel or notice your child is ready.

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  • What is the best age to potty train a child?

  • Although early training is possible, studies show that many children who begin potty training before 18 months aren’t completely trained until after the age of 4. In contrast, children who don’t start training until around the age of 2 are likely to be fully potty trained before they turn 3.

  • What should I do Before I start potty training?

  • The most important thing to do before you start potty training is to make sure your child’s ready. Some children are ready to sit on the potty as early as 18 months, while others aren’t ready until they’re 36 months or so.

  • When is the best time to start toilet training?

  • Plan toilet training for when you or a caregiver can devote the time and energy to be consistent on a daily basis for a few months. Ready, set, go! When it’s time to begin potty training: Choose your words. Decide which words you’re going to use for your child’s bodily fluids.

  • What is infant potty training and how does it work?

  • What is infant potty training? Also called elimination communication or natural infant hygiene, infant potty training is the practice of introducing your baby to the toilet or potty at a very early age ?usually between birth and 4 months.

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