how fast are trains in europe

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186 mph (300 klm)

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  • How fast are high-speed trains in Europe?

  • How fast are high-speed trains in Europe? High-speed trains in Europe can reach speeds of up to 198 mph (320 km/h). Some of the fastest trains in Europe travelling at these speeds include AVE, TGV and Frecciarossa 1000. Do I need a seat reservation on European high-speed trains?

  • How fast can a Eurostar train travel?

  • Connecting the UK to France, Belgium and the Netherlands via the Channel Tunnel, Eurostar trains (classes e300 and e320) can travel at speeds of up to 321 km/h (200 mph) along the routes from London to Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels. Travel underwater while enjoying all the comforts of a modern high-speed train.

  • How fast does the TGV train go?

  • On 3 April 2007, TGV POS train reached 357.2 mph (574.8 km/h), making it the fifth fastest train in Europe. TGV trainset has even reached 515.3 km/h (320 mph) under special test conditions and is never disrupted by weather conditions such as dense fog or others.

  • What is the fastest train in the world?

  • (Switzerland – France) The TGV Lyria is an international high-speed train that connects France and Switzerland. This is one of the fastest trains in the world, ready to take you on a trip through some of the greatest scenery in Europe.

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