how fast does an acela train go

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  • How fast is the Acela Express?

  • Entering service on December 11, 2000, the Acela Express has been Amtrak premier train for decades. Based on the legendary TGV architecture, the 20 train sets were built in cooperation with Alstom and Bombardier for high-speed running of 150 mph.

  • Why is the Acela train so slow?

  • The Acela can do 135 mph up to New York, but it averages about half that speed. That because the rails are more than 100 years old in places, and thus too frail for anything faster. Amtrak also shares them with slower freight and local commuter lines.

  • What is the Acela train?

  • The Acela, operating between Boston and Washington D.C. has been Amtrak premier passenger train since its introduction in 2000, and continues to compete with other modes of transport. The Acela is so convenient, various airlines have cancelled flights between Washington D.C. and New York due to losing business to the train.

  • When is the best time to take the Acela Express?

  • Busy times/full trains tend to be Monday morning and in the afternoon on Thursday and Friday. The Acela Express is faster than the Northeast Regional train, especially when traveling longer distances. You can view current schedules via Google Maps or when booking your tickets.

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