how long does cdl training take

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Four to seven weeks

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  • How long does it take to get a CDL?

  • The duration of your CDL program is not measured in days, but rather by hours of training. Every school has different requirements for minimum hours necessary to complete their program, but our partner schools typically require 160 hours of training to obtain your Class-A CDL. How Long Is Class-B CDL Training?

  • What can you do with a Class A CDL?

  • With the Class A CDL, you will be able to drive the big rigs, locally and over-the-road. When you become a truck driver, you become a part of a country-wide team that keeps our country moving. If you look at the 180 hours in a matter of 40 hours per week, you can be ready for a new career in the trucking industry in 4.5 weeks.

  • How long does it take to get a trucking license?

  • In fact, if you檙e willing to take a full-time training course that runs 5 days a week, you can obtain your license and be ready for a trucking job in as few as 3-6 weeks. These 3-6 week programs require a full-time commitment.

  • What factors affect the length of the CDL program?

  • The type of CDL license can also influence the length of the CDL program. Class A CDL typically is a longer program than Class B CDL, due to the vehicles being larger and greater driving risks.

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