how long does it take to potty train a toddler

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Three to six months

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  • How long does it take to potty train?

  • Potty training schedules can vary greatly from child to child. The average length of time is generally about 3 months, with girls generally learning a little faster than boys.

  • Is Your Child Ready to start potty training?

  • Potty training can be a long process, with readiness being the first goal. As your child becomes open to the potty process, you’ll see a few signs that she may be ready to start training.

  • How to potty train a child without a diaper?

  • Let your child spend at least the first day bare-bottomed. Without a diaper or underpants on your child will be more likely to recognize the need to use the toilet. You may choose to put a little potty in the living room for easy access. This is a personal choice as some people may want to keep all bathroom activities in the bathroom.

  • Why do boys take longer to potty train than girls?

  • The American Academy of Pediatrics says the reason may be that boys are more active than girls and therefore less likely to choose to stop and take the time to use the potty. It could also be that boys tend to need more time than girls ?even if Dad is involved ?because for them learning to pee in a potty is a two-step process.

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