how long has chris bumstead been training

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Eight years

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  • What is Chris Bumstead training regime?

  • Chris Bumstead Training Regime 1 Leg workout. 2 Arm and shoulder workout. 3 Back workout. Reverse grip pulldowns on incline bench ?2 x 12 reps 45-second pause then go to failure, 30-sec pause… 4 Chest workout. Bumstead favorite body part to train is chest because he likes doing heavy presses and getting a… More …

  • Who is Chris Bumstead?

  • Chris Bumstead is an IFBB Classic Physique Professional bodybuilder and sponsored athlete from Canada. He is the current Classic Physique Olympia champion (2019 and 2020). This is his complete profile, biography, training regimen, diet plan, and more. Photo via Instagram @cbum

  • Why does Bumstead workouts vary?

  • Bumstead workouts vary and that because bodybuilders typically tweak their training routines for many reasons. They have an off-season, contest prep, and not to mention, changing things up prevents boredom and it can elicit a new stimulus.

  • How did Chris Bumstead win the Classic Physique Olympia?

  • With enough hard work and dedication, Chris Bumstead was able to prevail and get his first Classic Physique Olympia title after having placed second the two years prior. Then he was able to come in even better and do it again the very next year.

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