how long is airforce basic training

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Eight and a half weeks

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  • What is Air Force basic military training like?

  • As you can expect, Air Force Basic Military Training will be a lot of physical and mental work. But you can prep for it now since the Air Force Basic Training schedule is public. We檝e included it below.

  • How long does it take to get into the Air Force?

  • Your career in the Air Force officially begins with Basic Military Training (BMT). Basic Military Training (BMT) is a seven-week course that will challenge you mentally and physically. But in the end, you檒l come out as a qualified Airman ready to serve. Take a minute to chat with an advisor and find out more.

  • What to expect during Week 0 of Air Force basic training?

  • Week 0 starts with health screenings and the distribution of essential items for basic training. You will receive combat boots, a pair of sweatpants, leather gloves, a duffel bag, running shoes, wool and cotton socks, two towels, two T-shirts and a sweatshirt. You will also get your Air Force-approved haircut.

  • What are the final classes for Air Force basic training?

  • Your final classes will include military citizenship and ethics. The Air Force is a big believer in integrity and they will make sure you are ethical and model yourself as a true citizen in the United States Military.

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