how long is basic army training

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10 weeks

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  • How long is basic training in the Air Force?

  • One thing you can expect is to spend at least nine weeks in Basic Training. Basic Training is broken down into three different phases, Red Phase, White Phase, and the Blue Phase. In Week 1, the recruits meet their drill sergeants at the reception center. After the introduction, recruits are transported to their company training area.

  • How long is Advanced Individual Training in the Army?

  • After graduating from Army basic training, soldiers then begin Advanced Individual Training, which can last anywhere from three weeks to two years, depending on the chosen Military Occupational Specialty. The Army’s nearly 200 specialties range from military intelligence to cyber operations to aviation.

  • What is basic training in the British Army?

  • Basic recruit or Phase 1 initial training comprises the Combat Infantryman Course (CIC) for the Infantry and the Common Military Syllabus (Recruits) (CMS (R)) for all other British Army regiments and corps.

  • How long is Army basic training (boot camp)?

  • There are 10 weeks in Army Basic Training, also known as Army Boot Camp. Here’s the breakdown.

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