how long is blue phase in army basic training

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Weeks 6 through 9

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  • What is the blue phase of basic training?

  • Once you get through the White Phase, you will transition to the next level: The Blue Phase. The Blue Phase encompasses weeks 6 through 9 of basic training. During this period you will wrap up your series of classes in military values. Your morning physical fitness sessions will be more intense, and longer in duration.

  • How long is Army basic training?

  • In this article, we discuss what Army basic training is, how long the experience lasts and what to expect. How long is Army basic training? Army basic training typically lasts 10 weeks and includes three phases: red, white and blue. The red and white phases each last three weeks, and the blue phase lasts four.

  • What are the phases of basic training?

  • Basic training is a 10-week program divided into three phases: red, white and blue. The red and white phases last about three weeks, while the blue phase lasts for four weeks.

  • What is the hardest phase of basic training in the Army?

  • 淏lue Phase?or 淲arrior Phase?is the culmination and the most challenging of all the training phases. During this phase, there is a final official PT test. At some basic training locations, soldiers that fail are not allowed to go into the field with the rest of the platoon. The Final PT Test consists of the Standard Army Annual PT Examination.

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