how long is cpi training class

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You can get CPI Instructor training partially online. With our blended learning platform,you start with two to three hours of online learning at a time and place that works for you. Then you finish training withthree daysin the classroom. If you prefer to learn entirely in person,our traditional four-day classroom option is the choice for you.

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  • How much does CPI training cost?

  • CPI Training Online|Crisis Prevention Intervention Certificate Class Crisis Prevention and Intervention Training (Certification) $ 169.95 $ 129.95 Aligns with : Joint Commission, CARF, CMS, DOE Others

  • What is a CPI certified instructor?

  • If you attend a training taught by a colleague within the organization you work for, that colleague will be a CPI Certified Instructor ?someone who we檝e trained to facilitate Nonviolent Crisis Intervention classes in your setting, and who an expert in our de-escalation techniques.

  • What is the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI)?

  • The Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) is a nonprofit organization that offers training programs in crisis intervention to companies around the world. The training covers techniques and processes for decision-making in the face of unexpected violent or aggressive behavior from an individual in any type of organization.

  • What is your review of the CPI course?

  • I loved the cpi course! It got me to think and will help me so much in crisis situations and even day to day life. As a future police officer, I am passionate about helping people and this course equipped me to do that better. My only disappointment is that the class is over… but I am hoping to take more classes in the future!

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