how long is phlebotomy training

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4-8 months

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  • How long does it take to become a phlebotomist?

  • Most people however, only need to take the normal training programs that last for one to two semesters which translates to 4-8 months. The major requirement for primary phlebotomy training in most institutions is a GED or an equivalent high school diploma. You can, immediately after finishing your primary training program, start seeking a job.

  • What is phlebotomy training and how does it work?

  • This training equips learners with theoretical and practical knowledge and skill they need to work in the field. Phlebotomy training is offered in several places including community colleges, dedicated phlebotomy training schools and even online schools. Each of these institutions may offer different types of programs.

  • Is training mandatory for phlebotomists?

  • Training is mandatory for phlebotomists before they can achieve a reputable certificate or degree without which it is impossible to continue their journey towards the medicinal field through phlebotomy. Phlebotomists are faced with a lot of responsibilities as soon as they start.

  • Can you learn phlebotomy online?

  • With the emergence of online learning, phlebotomy training has not been left behind. The training curriculum and length will vary by school. Some online schools have a strict timeline which the learner must finish the course while others allow the individual to learn at his or her own pace.

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