how long should a waist trainer be worn

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8 hours a day

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  • How many hours a day should you wear a waist trainer?

  • Just 2 to 3 hours a day is plenty for the first week. Gradually ramp up as your body adjusts to waist training. Try to wear your waist trainer for at least 4 to 6 hours per day.

  • Should you wear a waist trainer or a corset?

  • A corset is going to give you a more dramatic cinch at the waist. How long you wear your waist trainer depends on your intention and your goals. Here are a few ways you might consider wearing a waist trainer: Special occasions: A waist trainer can create stunning results as an undergarment whenever you檙e dressing to impress.

  • Is a waist trainer a good way to get in shape?

  • A waist trainer is a good way to get in shape, but anything used in excess can be harmful. Start small, when you檙e beginning. You can wear the waist trainer for an hour or two a day and even take it off if you檙e feeling too uncomfortable. Since it involves squeezing your body into a smaller mold, there may be some discomfort at the beginning.

  • What happens if you wear a waist trainer too tight?

  • Training your waist in an unhealthy manner may result in many other complications. If you think wearing a waist trainer too tight will give you faster results, think again. When your waist trainer is excessively tight, it can and will constrict your diaphragm.

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