how long to train a cnn

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  • How much data is required to train a neural network?

  • According to Yaser S. Abu-Mostafa(Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) to get a proper result you must have data for at-least 10 times the degree of freedom. example for a neural network which has 3 weights you should have 30 data points.

  • How well do supervised CNNs perform in eegnet?

  • Note that the EEGNet paper shows that also with a smaller number of trials, purely supervised training of their CNN can outperform their baselines (see Figure 3). Also in our experience on a dataset with only 288 training trials, purely supervised CNNs work fine, slightly outperforming a traditional filter bank common spatial patterns baseline.

  • How much data do you need to train a deep model?

  • In practical cases, more data is needed for training a deep model since you want to see the model ability to generalize. No one can tell you how much data you need because the answer is It is unknowable the reason why of the complexity of the problem and the model implemented. The size of the data is not very important.

  • What happens when you transfer a pre-trained CNN model to another dataset?

  • When transfer a pre-trained CNN model on a large data set to a small sample dataset, only the convolution layers of the extracted feature are migrated, the full-pool layer is replaced with the global average pool layer, and the softmax classifier is supervised to adjust.

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